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A very special element to Queenstown Expeditions is our onboard commentary – it provides travel storytelling based on GPS locations. We have introduced a vivid and immense experience in which our passengers can do more than just look out the window and enjoy the scenery. Regardless of language, we will take you on a journey where history is brought to life as you pass through this amazing landscape. Our multi-lingual audio system tells forgotten stories and history of our great area, through sound, music and voice. You will be transported to a different time and place with this unique experience. Sit back and relax on our amazing journey as you listen.


  • Automatic storytelling triggered by GPS operating system
  • Unique to Queenstown Expeditions and the only operator to offer such product in Queenstown.
  • Fully wireless offering unique stories about our heritage an culture in New Zealand
  • Hear stories from our Gold mining heritage, Maori Mythology, Farming & Cultural history
  • Strong audio quality, professionally recorded with music, sound and voice
  • Bringing history alive making for a truly interactive experience
  • Available in: English, Mandarin, Spanish
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🇬🇧 English Version

🇨🇳 Mandarin Version

🇪🇸 Spanish Version


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