Do you have a guide or commentary?

Our drivers are your guides and they will be the highlight of the trip with their live driver commentary. They are passionate about the area and have an incredible in-depth knowledge about everything you will see and experience on your trip. They are walking encyclopaedias, history books, naturalists as well as great drivers. They will transform your journey into a most enjoyable day. Themed history commentary is also provided in Mandarin, Spanish and English activated by GPS locations.

What should I wear on your trips?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothes and shoes so you can relax and enjoy the ride. We recommend bringing a few extra layers as the outside temperatures can vary. We suggest a warm top, a light showerproof jacket, and a hat for the brief excursions like the short walks we do along the way.

What makes your 4WD trip different?

Our main focus when getting our custom built 4WD vehicles made was comfort. You will have lots of leg room and reclining seats. Our glass roof on board our 4WD vehicles makes for spectacular viewing, a key point of different between our trip and other 4WD trips. We have also made a conscious decision to stop more often than other operators as we believe these expeditions are a once in a lifetime experience that needs to savoured not rushed.

Why is your trip better than my car?

There is no comparison! By letting us drive you you can relax and take a good look around. Our vehicles have large windows allowing for better viewing of the dramatic scenery and the glass roof means you don’t miss any scenery high above the road. Our local drivers will tell you stories about what flora, fauna and locations you are looking at. Learning about the local history, native Maori legends, and Lord of the Rings movie locations will give an incredible new dimension to your journey. Finally, if conditions do happen to deteriorate, they know the area well and can handle any situation.

Do you have WIFI on board?

We have great WIFI on board our vehicles. Feel free to use your phone or tablet to take pictures while travelling.

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